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By Erik Ringmar

ISBN-10: 1843312883

ISBN-13: 9781843312888

There has been by no means this sort of factor as actual freedom of speech. some time past, that allows you to communicate freely you needed to have entry to a printing press, a newspaper, a radio or a television station. And far and wide you needed to get previous the editors. in basic terms contributors of the elite ever did – the articulate and well-behaved 'representatives' of normal humans. yet these traditional humans hardly ever, if ever, had an opportunity to talk publicly and freely.  Until now. The age of running a blog has started. the web revolution has given us all an opportunity to be irreverent, blasphemous and ungrammatical in public. we will be able to demonstrate secrets and techniques, blow whistles, spill beans or simply make stuff up.   The previous elites don't love it. in reality, they truly, rather hate it. Blogs are mostly close down, and bloggers are silenced, reprimanded and fired from their jobs. abruptly glossy liberal society unearths a repressive face that few folks knew existed.   should still we behave ourselves? should still we fall silent? totally no longer! Let's name them on their hypocrisy. Let's call for that smooth liberal society lives via the rules it claims to include. Bloggers of the realm, unite! you don't have anything to lose yet your gags.

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I stopped coming to work by mid-April, and by mid-May, I was no longer reading emails. By the end of it all I was too upset to even get back in touch with my friends and supporters. I held my office hours in Starbuck’s and stole into my office very early in the morning to pick up mail. I didn’t sleep enough, and I probably drank too much. The situation was untenable of course. As a tenured member of the permanent faculty, it was next to impossible to get rid of me, but they had endless means of making my life unbearable.

As far as Free Speech groups go the one at the LSE is very tight-lipped. What is going on here? How can a leading institution of higher learning be so obviously hypocritical? I’ve pondered this question for a year now, and I think I finally have figured it out. qxd 01/08/2007 12:46 PM Page 49 Free Speech and Censorship at the LSE 49 The problem is the LSE’s status as a centre of expertise. Experts are people with in-depth knowledge of specific techniques or fields of scholarship. The solutions experts provide are derived from the theories they embrace.

The professoriate constitutes a club’, I concluded. As all clubs they are ruled not primarily by intellectual principles but instead by social psychological. Above all it is important to make sure that no one rocks the boat. This is difficult to assure since, famously, all professors always are at each other’s throats. This is why it is important only to include people who are like the already existing club members. Picking people with an Oxbridge background assures that a semblance of peace and order is maintained.

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