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By Melvin Powers

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A certified Hypnotist finds New methods For Inducing either Deep And Self-Hypnosis.

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Nervenarzt 1971;42:1–10. 20 21 Prophylactic Lithium Treatment Prophylaxis means prevention, but lithium cannot prevent the development of mood disorders. The term ‘lithium prophylaxis’ should here be understood as a procedure to prevent subsequent episodes of mania and depression. If the patients stop taking lithium, there is a risk that the disease will break out again with as frequent and severe episodes as before. Patients must therefore take lithium also during symptom-free periods. If patients experience repeated periods of vulnerability, they can in principle be treated during these only, and longterm side effects may thereby be avoided.

In most of the patients the treatment led to fewer recurrences of both manias and depressions or to their complete disappearance. Figure 1, which is from a later survey, illustrates the effect. These important findings were gratefully accepted by psychiatrists in many countries. At long last a remedy had been found for a protracted, devastating, and potentially fatal disease. A few psychiatrists who had never tried to treat patients with lithium were skeptical. The Danes proved their point in a double-blind, systematic trial, and psychiatrists in other countries validated these findings.

Blood samples are drawn from a vein in the elbow. The patient needs not fast. Serum lithium is determined once a week during the first few weeks to support the dose adjustment. Patients in lithium treatment should be able to serve as blood donors, but owing to a lack of familiarity with lithium treatment this is not considered acceptable practice in many countries. 45 The recommendations given here deal with minimum requirements for laboratory monitoring under ordinary circumstances, but sometimes circumstances are not ordinary.

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