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Gender There are only two genders in the Italian language – the masculine and the feminine. One of the ways to identify the gender of a noun is by examing its ending. As a general rule, in Italian, most nouns that end in –o are masculine. Examples: Il museo the museum Il tavolo the table il libro the book il corpo the body il suono the sound il cielo the sky There are exceptions to this rule, however. Some nouns that end in –o are feminine: la radio the radio la biro the pen la mano the hand The noun l'eco is feminine in the singular form but masculine in the plural from.

Fra il 2005 ed il 2014 between 2005 and 2014 Nel marzo del 2011 in March 2011 Dal luglio 2012 as of July 2012 nell'anno due in year 2 The English form BC (Before Christ) corresponds to the Italian form AC (Avanti Cristo) while AD is the equivalent of the Italian form DC (Dopo Cristo) or After Christ. C. C. C. D. (Anno Domini) Other Useful Phrases now adesso ieri yesterday oggi today domani tomorrow dopodomani the day after tomorrow l'altro ieri the day before yesterday Di qui a un mese a month from now una settimana da oggi a week from now a metà del mese halfway through the month a metà settimana midweek tra una settimana in a week ogni due settimane every two weeks una settimana fa a week ago ogni giorno every day la settimana prossima next week la settimana scorsa last week a metà agosto in the middle of August affitto di un mese rental for one month Chapter 11: Seasons The four seasons in Italy are: Primavera Spring March to May Estate Summer June to August Autunno Autumn September to November Inverno Winter December to February Chapter 12: Asking for Directions Whether you’re exploring Italy on a pleasure trip or on your way to a business meeting at a hotel in an unfamiliar city, you need to know how to ask for directions and comprehend the instructions you are given.

Names of chemical elements and metals are masculine. Examples: l'oro gold il cesio cesium l'argento silver) Names of trees are masculine in general. Examples: il pero the pear tree Il melo the apple tree Il ciliegio the cherry tre However, some trees are feminine, including la palma (the palm tree), la vite (the grapevine), and la quercia (the oak tree). Forming Feminine Nouns Nouns that refer to a man are masculine while nouns that refer to a woman are feminine nouns. The same is true with the gender of animals.

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