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11 More Millgram, Less Moore So let’s jet back to Utah and rejoin our good friend Elijah Millgram and the jam-yesterday-jam-tomorrow idea regarding everyday experiences. How does this connect with Moore? Recall that such goods are only seen as good in remembrance or anticipation, but never during the actual experience of them. indd 23 11/23/09 8:24:31 AM 24 MARK D. WHITE of momentary experiences, none of which are considered good at the time, add up to an overall experience that is either remembered as good, or anticipated as good?

Pretty good at deferring satisfaction when we can see a clear path to the later satisfaction, and when we can see that satisfaction, clothed in its apparent goodness or value, present at that later time. ”18 So it’s precisely because there is no jam today—and we really want jam today— that we procrastinate when it comes to doing things that only bring jam in the fuzzy, distant future. For instance, I know that I’ll look back fondly on the experience of teaching in the future, but somehow I can’t summon those warm and fuzzy feelings when a stack of ungraded exams is staring me in the face (and Spiceworld is on TV again).

America has had a nuclear arsenal since 1945. 2. No war occurred between America and the Soviet Union after 1945. 3. Therefore, the arsenal deterred World War III. Gasp! The classic Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (After this, therefore because of this). Beginning logic students get it: The rooster crowing doesn’t make the sun come up. Some prominent officials recognize the fallacy. Admiral Eugene Carroll (a NATO commander) warned: It does not follow that war has been deterred solely by the nuclear threat.

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